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1. Hermitage staff members consist of industry leading Certified Lighting Consultants and Lighting Specialists to assist your Designers or Architects in selecting the look that your customers desire.

2. Choose from a wide range of over 400 manufacturers for your recessed, track and decorative lighting needs.

3. We can also work with you to create a completely custom look unique to your concept.

4. We offer a 2-year warranty on all parking lot fixtures, including all labor fees. This is unmatched in the industry!

5. We offer you a free photometric of the interior or exterior of your building. The photometric will provide you with detailed point-by-point light measurements of your building’s interior or parking areas.

6. For your emergency and exit lighting we will work with you to provide proper exit and emergency illumination or parking areas.

7. For the work area, we provide the task-appropriate lighting that is critical safety and productivity.

8. Our lighting experts can help you choose energy saving solutions that will provide appropriate illumination for every workspace.

9. In an effort to be a one-stop-shop for all of your lighting needs, we also offer full switchgear and dimming packages with multiple manufacturers to choose from. Even though every package is a custom job, we are dedicated to maintaining pricing that is ultra-competitive for the industry.

10. We have over 100,000 sq/ft of space for staging and stocking large lighting projects.

We Take Pride

We take pride in every single project that we take on.


We offer a 2-year warranty on all parking lot fixtures, including labor. This is ummatched in the industry!

Free Photometric

We offer you a free photometric of the interior or exterior of your buiding.


Here are a few of the satisfied clients we have worked with.



Shoney’s Inc. has purchased lighting fixtures from Hermitage Lighting for over 25 years. This relationship has existed and prospered over many years for several reasons:
1. They have always provided quality products at competitive prices.
2. They work diligently to find product to suit every-changing demands.
3. They are there whenever called upon to provide service.
4. They stock material to meet delivery schedules and in my 21 years of experience, have rarely missed a delivery date even when our demands may not have been reasonable.
5. They keep records of all types of fixtures for replacement and part service.



Hermitage Lighting National Accounts program has met our needs will and their personnel have always served our account diligently and with respect. I recommend Hermitage Lighting as a vendor that takes pride in their business and works whole-heartedly for the client. Terry Poulsen, Director of Development Captain D’s Construction


Project Manager

O’Charley’s Inc. has done business with Hermitage Lighting for more than 18 years. The entire staff has always been most helpful in providing information pertaining to all our interior and exterior lighting. They have had a high sense of urgency to accomplish our requests in a superior manner and have had the desire to assist in our growth any way possible. O’Charley’s Inc. recommends Hermitage Lighting without any reservation. David J. Simpson, Director of Construction

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